“New Schedule and Time (10:30 a.m.) beginning August 1: In-Person Worship on First and Third Sundays and Virtual Worship on Second and Fourth Sundays”

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Resident Partners


brainfoodBrainfood is a non-profit organization founded in 1999, with the mission of using food and cooking as the tools to teach life-skills and healthy living to teenagers. DC’s youth continue to struggle with a failing school system, violent neighborhoods and poverty; all creating additional challenges on the road to adulthood. Brainfood is currently serving 75 high school students in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of DC, with an average annual impact of 60 hours per student, with some students attending Brainfood classes more than 200 hours per year. More information at http://www.brain-food.org/.


Friday Morning Music Club, Inc.

fmmcA community of music lovers and musicians, the Friday Morning Music Club, Inc., has promoted classical music in the Washington area for over 120 years. FMMC’s public concerts—now held throughout the week—provide performing members with a host of outlets for their talents as well as delighting audiences in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. All concerts are free and performed as a public service. Outreach recitals at senior facilities, in-home musicales, and master classes provide additional opportunities for members to explore music together without audition. The Club also fosters the development of local talent through competitions for local students and recitals by student members. Through the Friday Morning Music Club Foundation, it supports renowned international competitions for emerging professional string players, pianists, and singers, and for composers. More information at http://www.fmmc.org/.


Kid Power Inc

kidpowerKid Power Inc. is a community youth organization working to explore the history of the District of Columbia. We believe that by making a personal connection to the past by acquiring advanced civic concepts, nutrition and artistic skills, at-risk youth can become powerful neighborhood advocates. Through this educational process, our students will gain the independence to direct the course of our mission and promote positive social change. More information at http://kidpowerdc.org/.


The Theatre Lab School of the Dramatic Arts

theatrelabThe Theatre Lab School of the Dramatic Arts is the largest drama education center in D.C. serving more than 1,000 youth and adults each year. At The Theatre Lab we also understand that the benefits of theatre training go far beyond the stage. For that reason, we offer “Life Stories,” free drama outreach programs for seniors, incarcerated youth, and people living with HIV/AIDS. Through the development of an original dramatic work based on their own life experiences, Life Stories will use art as a lens through which to view past decisions and evaluate future choices. More information at http://www.theatrelab.org/.


Congressional Chorus & American Youth Chorus

congressionalchorusThe mission of the Congressional Chorus & American Youth Chorus is to foster and communicate the spirit, diversity, and transformative power of music while advancing choral excellence, community outreach and affordable music education for all ages in the nation’s capital. More information at http://www.congressionalchorus.org/


Milestones Enrichment Center

MilestonesMilestones Enrichment Center (MEC) believes that every child deserves a warm and caring environment that is essential for the growth and developmental needs of young children. Furthermore, they believe that it is extremely important that they partner with families and the community. They believe their role is to work in concert with the home in transforming the child into a social being. MEC has created an environment that allows children to explore the world around them, to understand and feel good about themselves, and to learn to care about the people and society they must interact with. More information at http://mec123abc.com/