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Calvary Kids Clubs Caller- IX

Thursday, August 27, 2020 Posted by Sally Sarratt
Calvary Kids Clubs Caller- IX

Kid’s Club Caller Issue 9 | July 2020

Special poem about the Black Lives Matter movement inside:

Black lives matter, the protesters say,
Oh their signs have so much truth.
Since ancestors were brought on ships, Chained up and used for free labor, slaves, There has been a fight,

A fight for what is right.
For all colors to be worth as much as another,
For freedom, equality, justice, and unity.
“Don’t All Lives Matter?” People ask,
But we are prioritizing our brothers and sisters.
Those who have suffered for so long,
Whose innocent lives have been taken by racism far too many times. Black Lives Matter. They really do.
And they need to be put first.
It is the world’s responsibility,
To make sure Black Lives Matter.
All lives should matter,
But that isn’t the fight.
All lives can’t matter until there is justice,
A change in the cultural narrative,
And until Black Lives Matter.