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Amy and Tim Shaw

Tuesday, September 19, 2017 Posted by Shiowei
Amy and Tim Shaw

Amy and Tim Shaw

While Tim and Amy still occasionally feel like newcomers to the D.C. metro area, they have lived here for five years and should probably just get out more. They found Calvary by way of Amy’s family – Amy’s mom forwarded a Calvary blog post, to which their response was, “They seem pretty reasonable and not crazy. Let’s check out Calvary!” As it turns out, there was some crazy to be found at Calvary, but only the kind that they love.

Amy and Tim have a wide range of interests that you can sometimes find on display at Calvary. Amy is a great lover of books and Tim is a board game collector and has been involved with music at church since before he can remember. Both love to cook, and are also looking forward to getting a dog sometime soon.

Both Amy and Tim are members of the choir and Tim is the Moderator, and they are always excited to meet new members at Calvary (and old members they haven’t gotten to know yet). Please say hi at the next coffee hour, and they would love to get to you know you too!