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Sunday, July 1

Thursday, July 5, 2018 Posted by Sally Sarratt
Sunday, July 1

First Sunday of Calvary’s “Unplugged”

What God Won’t Make Great Again, Or Ever | Rev. Maria Swearingen

Pastor Maria shares her reflections on the “wall of nationalism” and her journey to the U.S.-Mexico border with a delegation of women clergy hosted by Faith in Public Life. Learn more from FPL Director, Rev. Jennifer Butler here.

This Sunday’s Bulletin

Audio – What God Won’t Make Great Again… Or Ever

“It’s hard to describe what it felt like to be inside the walls of federal immigration court in Brownsville, Texas. As a few of us clergy women were granted entry and made our way out of the heat of the sun and the heat of a thousand protestors, we found ourselves sitting on benches listening to people’s whole lives unfold before us. Their stories were tucked inside Sections 2.8’s and Protocol 4.5b’s and “it is the decision of the court” and typewriters and translators and the hum of the efficiency of State power, well-varnished like the wood panels of the witness stand. We made our way to the sentencing courtroom, where we saw people walk through side doors to the stand wearing jumpsuits and shackles. I could hear them clang on the floor before I could see them. I’ll tell you one man’s story, one man who happened to be named…wait for it…Jesús.”