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Francisco, Marcela and Francisco

Friday, May 3, 2013 Posted by calvary
Francisco, Marcela and Francisco

We have been attending Calvary for about four years. Calvary’s cultural diversity makes it a very unique place. Calvary became a fast and important place in our lives. We were able to share life with people from our same cultural background and people with very different backgrounds, people who make us feel welcome. Calvary is a place where you can be different and yet feel part of the group. We are native Spanish speakers and had never before attended an English speaking church, but the language was not a barrier to making us feel welcome. We are able to attend the Latino fellowship and the combined worship (Calvary welcomes you in Spanish and English). We do not feel foreign anymore; Calvary makes us feel at home.

Almost two years ago we received the blessing of becoming parents. We received the support our community of faith even in the moment that our child was born! One of our pastors was with us in the moment baby Francisco was born and after he was born we received so many visits in the hospital from our pastors, brothers and sisters so we never felt alone. We are happy our son is growing in a place where we know he will always feel loved and welcome. There are always so many arms to carry him and so many people showing him love. Calvary has being one of the biggest blessings in our lives and we thank God for it.