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Vacation Bible School

Thursday, May 9, 2013 Posted by calvary
Vacation Bible School

June 21-23, 2013  At Camp Fraser, Great Falls VA

VBS  at Calvary serves students by the grade they will be in the Fall. Children age 6 and younger may attend with a parent. Registraciones para nuestra Escuela Biblica de Verano estan abiertas: Viernes Junio 21 haste Domingo Junio 23 en Nuestro Camp Frasier, Virginia. Edades: (menores de 7 vienen con un padre)

Theme: Secrets of the Kingdom, Parables of Jesus by outdoor ministry

Why outdoor ministry? Outdoor ministry is a viable and effective means for fulfilling the ministry and mission of the church. Persons are provided with living experiences in “places apart” to explore God’s story, to experience the vitality of Christian community, and to grow in Christian faith. Outdoor ministry helps to bring persons into a deeper relationship with God through Jesus Christ, their neighbor, and creation. Individuals are encouraged to discover who they are and to be responsible members of their communities and the world in which God has placed them.



•  Younger Children (ages 7 to 8)

•  Older Children (ages 9 to 11)

•  Younger Youth (ages 12 to 14)

•  Older Youth (ages 14 to 17)



The registration fee is $10, and scholarships from Calvary Baptist Church are available. If you would like to volunteer, please contact us!

Registration forms are available in the main office. In order for a student to attend, they must have a form signed by parent. If you would like a registration form electronically, please contact Jason Smith. 

Drop off and pick up children by parents is mandatory (contact any of us with questions).

Friday 9:00AM meet at Calvary Baptist Church to depart to Camp Fraser or meet at 11am at Camp Fraser to drop your child there

Sunday: pick up children at Fraser after lunch. Lunch will begin at 12:30pm (welcome to have lunch with us)


Eugenia Reyes ( eugenia1170@gail.com) 202-841-2964

Rev. Edgar Palacios (Epalacios@calvarydc.org)

Jason Smith (jsmith@calvarydc.org)

Myra Houser (myra.ann.houser@gmail.com)