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Calvary Unplugged

Monday, July 15, 2013 Posted by Shiowei
Calvary Unplugged

Calvary Unplugged Begins July 28!

For six weeks this summer we’ll gather in Woodward Hall for worship, to participate in a less formal holy time together. Our theme this year is the book of Judges—more specifically, the men of Judges!  Six storytellers from our congregation will guide us.  The book of Judges introduces us to some very interesting men, to say the least.  And Calvary has many gifted and theologically trained members.  So Unplugged is a perfect opportunity to hear from them in worship. Join us for riveting Biblical texts and talented storytellers, all summer long!

July 28

Gideon, Judges 6-8

Storyteller: Amy Sullivan

August 4

Samson, Judges 16:4-30

Storyteller: Rev. Rachel Johnson

August 11

Barack, Judges 4:1-12; 5

Storyteller: Rev. Dr. Amy Butler

August 18

Jepthah, Judges 11 (specifically verses 29-40)

Storytellers: Trey and Andi Sullivan

August 25

Sisera, Judges 4:1-22

Storyteller: Susan Sevier

September 1

Benjaminite Bachelors, Judges 19

Storyteller: Rev. Allyson Robinson