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God of the Weary Years

Friday, November 8, 2019 Posted by Paul Rosstead
God of the Weary Years

Exodus and the Origins of Black Religion

This summer we explored the Book of Genesis and debunked the myth of our origin as an abolitionist church. As a community of faith, we grappled with the tension between the truth of our history and the aspirations we have today. Together we realized that to reconcile the tension between our history and who we want to be, we need resources outside of our inherited tradition. One of those resources is found in the Black religious imagination—a story of people who cried out to the God of liberation in the weary years of their oppression.

From MLK Day weekend through the end of Black History Month we will engage and experience the spiritual depth and moral width of this tradition. We will see how Exodus serves as a second origin story in the biblical narrative, a new beginning and a chance for the people of God to get it right! By studying Exodus, and pairing it with the story of the Black religious imagination, we will be provided with a second chance to get our story right too—to confront the flaws of our origins, to repair the harms of our past, and invite ourselves into a new tradition of liberation. We look to the riches of the Black religious imagination to find our full identity.