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John and Salima Appiah-Duffell

Monday, July 1, 2013 Posted by Paul Rosstead
John and Salima Appiah-Duffell

Salima: In 2005, I came home from college determined to find a church were I could worship God and  work for LGBTQ rights, where community service was a priority and where evangelism wasn’t required. Most of all I wanted to find a church community where I could grow in faith with the people around me. After a year of searching, I found all that and more at Calvary. Not only was the church in line with my values on social justice, a safe space for my gay friends and in touch with the community, it also became my family. This was especially true  when I left Calvary and DC  to serve in the Peace Corps. My church friends sent me care packages, letters and even involved me in church projects. Even thousands of miles away I felt Calvary’s warmth and love.

John: I heard about Calvary long before I walked through the door. Salima and I met volunteering in southern Africa in 2008. She spoke often about her church friends, the welcoming atmosphere of her church and the community she missed so much. In the end, I was as nervous and excited about meeting folks at Calvary as I was about meeting her mother! Turns out there was no cause for nervousness (in either case). Calvary is a warm and welcoming community filled with generous, kind-hearted people of all walks of life. I treasure our commitment to social justice and to welcoming and serving a truly diverse congregation; above all I love that at Calvary, we are all encouraged and challenged to use our intellectual as well as spiritual gifts to grow in faith of God.

Pastor Amy officiated our wedding in September 2012–one day we hope to grow Calvary’s family with some new family members of our own!