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Amy Dale

Monday, July 1, 2013 Posted by Paul Rosstead
Amy Dale

I lived in the DC area years ago, but moved to Chicago for graduate school. When it came time to move back to DC, I knew I needed a different kind of church than the one I had attended in the Virginia suburbs years before. I asked the pastors at my Chicago church if they could recommend a good DC church that was diverse in every way imaginable. They told me to visit Calvary. After moving back to the area, I came to Calvary and immediately knew that this was the church for me. I never visited any other churches and joined Calvary a few months later.

I’ve been a member at Calvary for nine years. I’ve seen a lot of new people visit, join, and get involved. Even though I’m a self-proclaimed introvert, I really enjoy getting to know the new people who come through our doors.

Calvary is definitely a church where everyone’s contribution matters. I feel valued here. I feel the value of other’s contributions. My father is a Baptist minister, my uncle is a Baptist minister, and my grandfather was a Baptist minister. You could say I love being Baptist. I grew up around a lot of people whose vocation it was to follow Christ. As part of the generation that followed them, I now use my heart, my voice, and my hands to do the work of Christ in downtown DC.

At Calvary, I see God working in people’s lives all the time. What a blessing!