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Ordinary Time – Extraordinary People

As summer winds down, our vacation days dwindle, and the weather cools to a deep cold, it can be easy to feel like the joy, warmth, and fun of the more exciting seasons have passed. On top of that, many of us will now turn our attention to the endless weeks of work and school that lie between us and the next break, the shorter less sunlit days that seem to fill quickly with unfinished tasks, and the angering and often despairing unjust political climate we find ourselves in. This is Ordinary Time. This is our new normal where anxiety, hopelessness, and the mundane chores of everyday life consume us. Yet in the midst of this ordinary time, we still know that extraordinary moments happen—babies are born and parents pass away, lifelong partners marry and college sweet hearts call it quits, old friends get new jobs around the corner and new friends move halfway around the world. Life continues and God is still here. God is here and God has a word for the highs, lows, and in between of this season too. This fall from September to November, we will listen for that word from God during this Ordinary Time. Each week we will study scripture that deals with the seemingly ordinary moments of human life—friendship, love, family, illness, mental health, relationships, grief, and suffering, so that we can discern together God’s extraordinary call on our life together.