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Calvary Unplugged 2017

Wayfaring Friends: Stories of Diaspora, Identity, and Home

Here’s a not-so-radical claim about the Bible, even though it may sound like it is. The entire thing, start-to-finish, is pretty undeniably a story about immigration, diaspora, journey, and home. Unfortunately, a few hundred years of theology and exegesis have somehow missed that boat, extracting, distilling, and sometimes even, outright denying that whole story of Scripture has profound diasporic roots. As Miguel de La Torre puts it in his Belief commentary on Genesis, “all the patriarchs [and matriarchs]…were sojourners. The narratives of Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph are the stories of aliens trying to survive among unfamiliar people in a land that belonged to others…Is it any wonder that the second most common phrase throughout the biblical text exhorts the reader to take care of the alien among you, along with the widows and orphans?” In honor of this central, imperative thread in Scripture, each week this summer, we will share their own particular experiences of journey, diaspora, identity, and home as we also listen in on Scripture’s stories of an immigrant people claiming a God of Home.