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The Word | Made Flesh: Exploring the Inward – Outward Life of Jesus

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Word Made Flesh: Exploring the Inward-Outward Life of Jesus

John’s gospel begins with an unruly proclamation: “The Word Became Flesh And Dwelt Among Us.” Theologians have spent two millennia doing all kinds of cartwheels in an effort to interpret this deeply mystical depiction of Jesus. We certainly won’t solve that in a few weeks, but we are going to spent some time imagining together what it means for us as Christians to claim an embodied Christ, a Christ that refuses to choose the trappings of valuing the soul over the body, the body over the soul, or anything in between. We will think together about how Jesus’ inward life (Word) and outward life (Flesh) were, and are, in an ever-evolving, ever-deepening relationship with each other. To do this, we will follow the post-resurrection stories of Jesus, along with the Gospel of John’s metaphorical language about Jesus, to help us get a better picture of Jesus’ integrated relationship between the inward and outward life, and subsequently, of our own inward-outward lives as well.