“Sunday Worship”

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Guiding Lights

For seven weeks, and in the way of Epiphany, we will engage a series entitled: “Guiding Lights: Theological and Moral Visions from Wise Women of Color.” Each week, we will be inviting, conjuring, and sitting under the tutelage of womanist and mujerista scholars, as well as women of color whose theological and moral vision have contributed greatly to our theological imagination. We will ask them to show us, tell us, teach us things that most of Christian history has not shown us, told us, or taught us. Together, we will hear from the witness and wisdom of thinkers like Audre Lorde, Gloria Andaldúa, Yvette Flunder, Michelle Alexander, and more. Our intention here is not to “skim” through their work and then assume that we understand each of their visions. Our intention, instead, is that in these introductions, we might seek to delve even deeper, becoming lifelong students of their wisdom and imagination.